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Pohjolan Energiainsinöörit

Pohjolan Energiainsinöörit is an expert company founded by Timo Partanen in 2017. Risto Juutinen joined the operations in 2019, and Tarmo Hatunen in 2023.

Over the years, the company’s activities have increasingly focused on consultancy, survey, and supervision tasks in the field of energy production and building technology. The company has taken on progressively more demanding projects, implementing modern energy and building technology.

The company has gathered a wealth of valuable experience and received positive feedback from its clients, indicating that its professionals have found their niche and specialization.

In the future, Pohjolan Energiainsinöörit aims to maintain its excellent service level and participate in demanding projects where client operations are developed in a profitable, green, and sustainable manner through collaborative effort.

Reliability and professionalism are our core values, which are reflected in our daily work, both during projects and in their outcomes.

Timo Partanen

My journey in life has taken me from a practical man to a lumberjack and from there to becoming a knowledge-seeking engineer. I studied HVAC engineering in Oulu and earned my Master's degree in energy technology in Lappeenranta.

I became intimately familiar with industrial heat pumps while traveling around Finland for installation tasks at district heating plants. Fueled by my strong expertise, I also obtained certification as a refrigeration engineer.

I've evolved from a plumber to a designer and project manager throughout my career. Additionally, I've worked as a supervisor on large-scale projects, including Senaatti-kiinteistöt, Talvivaara, and ISS.

One of the greatest challenges of my career was being part of the team overseeing a nearly 100 million-euro project for Stora Enso. In this role, I was responsible for supervising the cardboard coating factory and HVAC design and implementation in Imatra.

During my time as a Customer Manager at Kuopion Energia, I gained insight into understanding what customers demand and desire, what they appreciate, and what they don't. Reliability is one of my core values.

Risto Juutinen

I believe in seizing opportunities whenever they arise. I see things as possibilities, not threats. As Matti Nykänen once said, 'Every change is an opportunity.' That's why my work has taken me as far as Chile and New Zealand.

I graduated as an HVAC engineer, just like Timo, from the same institution in Oulu, during the peak of the worst economic recession in 1992. So, I entered “the workforce office directly from school” during tough times. However, I didn't stay idle for long. An engineering consultant called me and asked if I would be interested in an eight-month internship in Kiuruvesi. That marked the beginning of my career in the field of energy technology at the reputable Sermet Ltd. The mindset at the time was, 'No one is hired from home!' They hired me, and I've been on this path for over 25 years.

I've had the privilege to work as a designer and project manager in heat and power plants, both in Finland and abroad, including Russia and Sweden. Through acquisitions, Sermet transformed into Wärtsilä, Metso Power, MW Power, and eventually Valmet. Along this journey, I progressed from a lead designer to a business director, and most recently, as a chief technology officer at KPA Unicon.

Tarmo Hatunen

I am a proud father of three primary school-aged boys, a positive energy expert, and an eager learner always striving to acquire new knowledge.

Throughout my nearly 20-year career, I have had the privilege of serving the energy industry alongside top professionals, spanning various roles. Along this journey, I have evolved from a research and development engineer to a chief technology officer. Now, I am an entrepreneur focused on the future and the incredible opportunities the energy sector holds, closer to the customers.

After earning my master's degree in energy technology, I embarked on a career in international energy business and technology projects, which spanned over 15 years. The last two years were enlightening as I had the opportunity to lead and develop heat pump, accumulator, and district heating technology with my team of experts.

Optimizing existing energy systems and processes, harnessing waste and low-temperature heat sources more effectively, and driving the growth of clean and renewable energy sources are globally pivotal for building a more carbon-neutral and sustainable future. I believe that my extensive experience will bring added value to our customers in this area.

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