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Tarmo Hatunen started at the company

I am a proud father of three primary school-aged boys, a positive energy expert, and an eager learner always striving to acquire new knowledge.

Throughout my nearly 20-year career, I have had the privilege of serving the energy industry alongside top professionals, spanning various roles. Along this journey, I have evolved from a research and development engineer to a chief technology officer. Now, I am an entrepreneur focused on the future and the incredible opportunities the energy sector holds, closer to the customers.

After earning my master’s degree in energy technology, I embarked on a career in international energy business and technology projects, which spanned over 15 years. The last two years were enlightening as I had the opportunity to lead and develop heat pump, accumulator, and district heating technology with my team of experts.

Optimizing existing energy systems and processes, harnessing waste and low-temperature heat sources more effectively, and driving the growth of clean and renewable energy sources are globally pivotal for building a more carbon-neutral and sustainable future. I believe that my extensive experience will bring added value to our customers in this area.