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Energy production services

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of energy production consulting services, including energy efficiency assessments of energy plants to enhance operations and improve profitability. We also provide services for potential follow-up actions, including assessing the payback time for investments, compiling sourcing data, and conducting necessary procurement.

If needed, we assist our customers in project planning and supervision of potential changes, considering both small and large-scale requirements. Our clients include energy companies, process industries, and manufacturing industries.


  • Energy efficiency assessments for energy plants and – processes
    • Process modifications and follow-up actions
    • Investment feasibility studies
    • Lead of the change engineering
    • Procurement consulting
    • Tender Documentation and Procurement
    • Delivery supervision
  • Targeted inspections, Energy audits, Motiva
  • Investment subsidy applications
  • Energy subsidy applications
Pohjolan Energiainsinöörit

Building technology services

We provide building technology services that cover everything from initial assessments in new construction and renovation projects to the preparation of construction contracts and on-site supervision. We offer guidance and preliminary planning for building technology system design and prepare tender documentation for each project. We carefully evaluate and select the most suitable contractors for each project through a competitive bidding process, and we supervise the execution of contracts and schedules.


  • Building technology assessments
  • Preparation of construction contracts and on-site supervision
  • Tender documentation and competitive bidding, contractor selection
  • Investment feasibility calculations
  • Surveys and optimization of heating and cooling systems and networks
  • Refrigeration technology and heat pumps. Inspection and modification of refrigeration systems with investment proposals
  • Targeted inspections, Energy audits, Motiva
  • Investment subsidy applications
  • Energy subsidy applications
  • Condition surveys (PTS)

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